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Pak Syarif ‘leech therapy house

Welcome to Pak Syarif’s Leech Therapy House – the official and certified Leech Therapy in jakarta.

Leech Therapy

Doctors’ comments on Leech Therapy :

“Within a healthy body, any diseased organ can be healed with help of cupping or leeching.” – Avicenna (Ibnu Sinna)

“It”s impossible to enumerate all the diseases that can be treated by leech therapy … and, oftentimes, leeches prevent people from having surgeries, especially in cases such as hemorrhoids, varicose veins, or blood clots”. – Dr. Svetlana Comissarov

“This living pill carries a whole pharmacy within itself! And when it attaches to the skin, it infuses our blood with more than a hundred different biologically active substances…” – Dr Vladimir Kozirev

“After undergoing a bypass surgery, many people are destined to take pills for years. The chemicals in them damage the stomach lining, the liver and the quality of the blood. I have achieved incredible results with leech therapy, which dissolves small clots while not having any negative impact on other organs.” – Dr Vladimir Koklushenkov

“When a new antibiotic comes along, so does a new disease. To break this vicious cycle, more and more scientists and doctors are becominng convinced that it’s time to resort to the natural ways of healing.” – Dr Vladimir Koklushenkov

Small leech, amazing benefits !!!

Leech therapy has been known to be able to treat various health complications that involve blood vessels, joints, skins as well as more chronic diseases such as breast cancer, heart and diabetes. However, the public are advised to be careful because the treatments that are given by untrained leech therapists can make it worse for the health. That’s why Pak syarif’s Leech Therapy House is here to serve a secure treatment.

performing Leech Therapy

Alternative treatment that uses live leeches has been used for a very long time abroad, but it can only be done after the leeches have gone through the process of de-bacteria to ensure the safety of the patients.

Leech therapist must know the exact location of where to put the leeches on the human bodies and some of the people that cannot undergo these kinds of treatment are pregnant women, pneumonia or patients who just been through breast cancer treatment (chemotherapy and surgery).

Therefore, leech therapists must undergo training to ensure that they can give the best treatment to their patients. Leech therapy is well known to be able to help with various diseases that include arthritis (joint problems), back and neck pain, eyes and ears, skins, breast cancer, heart attack, stroke and diabetes.

Even more unique is that leech therapy can be pictured as surgeries without knives because leeches suck the bad blood or cancer cell from the body of the patient and provide very good enzymes for the healing process.

You need to note that :

- Leech Therapy has been the best solutions for many diseases and disorders of human body.

- In Pak Syarif’s Leech Therapy House, you will get the best therapists to deal with your health and beauty problems.

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